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Come work with me an expert personal trainer in OKC! Hi, my name is Eric Skinner a.k.a. "the Fitness Mechanic". I've been helping people just like you to find your optimal path to get stronger, move better, and get healthy for over 7 years. I'm here to help you enhance your performance in sport or life. I teach you how to use earth-grown nutrients, time-tested strength training, and mindful "play" time to create a happier, healthier YOU!

The truth is that you should be physically capable of almost anything. I want you to look and feel great so that you can enjoy life. Let me help you solve your fitness problems. I provide simple, fun, and effective strategies that are specifically designed for you so that you can reach your potential. I'm available for 1-on-1 personal training at Oklahoma City Personal Training.

We do not stop playing because we grow OLD, we grow old because we stop PLAYING.

We were all created to be strong and resilient, at any age. Do you remember when you you played games or sports, ran freely, did cartwheels, threw rocks or even climbed a tree? Let the kid inside come out to play and have fun again. Learn the secrets that will dramatically improve your strength, alignment, speed, movement (flexibility/stability), coordination, balance and timing.

I specialize in helping you to restore your authentic, natural strength and movement. The first thing that I'll do is screen your 7 basic movement patterns to determine if you have any postural alignment issues, strength imbalances or loss of core strength. Based upon the results, along with your goals, I'll then design your training plan and diet.

Contact me today and let's get started!

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